Getting Started

Up and running with

Making a commitment

To make a commitment, just type “/committo” followed by the commitment name and the due date.  You can make commitments in any channel, both public and private.


Viewing commitments

At any time, you can see all your commitments - just type "/commitments". This command also makes it easy to complete or edit a commitment. Give it a try.


Tagging a teammate

You can tag a teammate (or teammates) by using the "@" and username. Don’t worry about following an order, you can put it anywhere in the command and we’ll notify your teammate(s).


Renegotiate a commitment

Sometimes you can’t complete a commitment on time. When that happens, we’ll send you a notification to renegotiate. You can click the link and edit the due date to renegotiate.


Adding an estimate to a commitment

Don't worry about getting caught up in details here, just go with your gut and capture if completing this item will take you minutes, hours, or days.


Completing a commitment

You can mark a commitment complete by clicking "complete". You’ll see these commitments in your notifications. You can can also view them using the "/commitments" command.


Need extra help

If you ever forget how to use "commit to", just type "/committo help" and we’ll provide assistance right within slack.


A better workflow awaits

Turn your "will dos" into "commit tos"